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SENSE4US participated at the “Digital Values: Advancing Technology, Preserving Fundamental Rights” event, 18th January 2016, Microsoft Center, Brussels

Our project partner from Gov2u, Rasa Uzdavinyte, attended the “Digital Values: Advancing Technology, Preserving Fundamental Rights” event from 12.30 to 17.00pm on the 18th of January in Brussels representing SENSE4US.

SENSE4US interesting papers have been published! Check them out!

“NautiLOD: A Formal Language for the Web of Data Graph”, “Extended Property Paths: Writing More SPARQL Queries in a Succinct Way”, “Programmatic Access to Crowdsourced Human Computation for Designing and Enhancing Interlinking”, etc. are only some of the titles of the newly published papers written by SENSE4US partners! Check them out in our Publications section of the website!

6th International Conference on e-Democracy: Citizen rights in the world of the new computing paradigms

Title: 6th International Conference on e-Democracy: Citizen rights in the world of the new computing paradigms
Date: 10-11 December 2015
Location: Athens, Greece

Information and communication technologies move fast; faster than society, faster than governments, faster than the law. Connectivity is already impressive, but the near future brings about the interconnection of everything, via the Internet of Things. It also brings fundamental changes to our computing paradigm, with cloud computing gaining momentum and being expected to become the prevalent computing paradigm in the years to come. Increasingly more data are being collected, about almost everything one can imagine; and they remain there, in cyberspace, for ever, sometimes even resisting efforts to delete them. These data are so attractive that a new science, going by the name “big data” has already emerged. All these developments constitute in most cases an improvement in our everyday lives, but sometimes infringe our rights as citizens. The challenge, therefore, is to safeguard citizen rights in the face of a new era, landmarked by new computing paradigms.


SENSE4US presented at eChallenges 2015 Conference, 25th-26th November 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dr Steve Taylor, SENSE4US project coordinator, participated in eChallenges conference this year and presented an interesting paper written by himself and project partners, namely Timo Wandhofer, Ruth Fox, and Rasa Uzdavinyte. The paper describes the initial creation and evaluation of a web-based toolkit that comprises different types of information retrieval and analysis tools, specifically intended to help research for policy makers in governmental and legislative institutions.

New published papers on SENSE4US project - check them out!

During the last year, several interesting papers about the project or related to it have been written by the consortium partners and presented to conferences or submitted to scientific journals.
The list of titles of the latest papers is presented below: