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New published papers on SENSE4US project - check them out!

During the last year, several interesting papers about the project or related to it have been written by the consortium partners and presented to conferences or submitted to scientific journals.
The list of titles of the latest papers is presented below:


1. NautiLOD: A Formal Language for the Web of Data Graph
V. Fionda, G. Pirrò, C. Gutierrez

2. Extended Property Paths: Writing More SPARQL Queries in a Succinct Way
V. Fionda, G. Pirrò, M. Consens

3. Programmatic Access to Crowdsourced Human Computation for Designing and Enhancing Interlinking
C. Sarasua

4. Crowd Work CV: Recognition for Micro Work
C. Sarasua, M. Thimm

5. Explaining and Suggesting Relatedness in Knowledge Graphs
G. Pirrò

6. A Context-Based Semantics for SPARQL Property Paths over the Web
O. Hartig, G. Pirrò

7. Semantic Patterns for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter
Hassan Saif, Yulan He, Miriam Fernandez and Harith Alani

8. Stretching the Life of Twitter Classifiers with Time-Stamped Semantic Graphs
Amparo Elisabeth Cano, Yulan He, Harith Alani

9. Automatic Stopwords Generation using Contextual Semantics for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter
Hassan Saif, Miriam Fernandez and Harith Alani

10. Contextual semantics for sentiment analysis of Twitter
Hassan Saif, Miriam Fernandez, Yulan He and Harith Alani

11. Sentiment Analysis in Social Streams
Hassan Saif, Javier Ortega, Miriam Fernandez, Ivan Cantador

12. Modeling for Policy Formulation: Causal Mapping, Scenario Generation, and Decision Evaluation
Aron Larsson, Osama Ibrahim

13. Text Analysis to Support Structuring and Modelling a Public Policy Problem-Outline of an Algorithm to Extract Inferences from Textual Data
Claudia Ehrentraut, Osama Ibrahim, Hercules Dalianis

14. A Causal Mapping Simulation for Scenario Planning and Impact Assessment in Public Policy Problems: The Case of EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework
Osama Ibrahim, Aron Larsson, David Sundgren

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