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European Commission - Contribute to law-making

The Commission wants to hear your views and reflect them in its decisions when it makes and updates EU laws. This is an important goal of the better regulation agenda.

There are various opportunities to contribute to EU law-making as it evolves – from the preparation phase through to proposals for new laws and evaluations of how existing laws are performing.

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Τhe Danish Open Data Portal and Danish Business Authority join forces to organise a three day hackathon in Aarhus, Denmark

From 23 to 25 September, the Danish Open Data Portal and Danish Business Authority join forces to organise a three day hackathon in Aarhus, Denmark. Students, entrepreneurs and businesses will be challenged to use Open Data provided by Danish municipalities and energy companies to develop innovative concepts, business ideas or other solutions in the field of energy.

The participants will be working on current and future challenges for sustaining our energy needs. As this is a multifaceted issue, participants are encouraged to work on the energy question from all possible angles. To present the complexity of the theme, a wide range of energy data and challenges will be presented for which sustainable solutions can be developed. The participants with the best solutions presented within the hackathon will be awarded a “start-up package” to further develop their solution and possibly to start their own business with it. In this package, the participants will receive advice from experts in the field of business development, marketing, technical design and much more.

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MyData2016 conference, 31 August-2 September 2016, Helsinki

From 31 August until 2 September, Helsinki will host the MyData2016 conference. The theme of this event is “human centric personal information management”, how people can gain more control over their personal data. The event follows the new EU General Data Protection Regulation which will set the framework for dealing with personal data, strengthening the data protection of individuals.

During this conference engineers, business representatives, researchers, government officials, and civil society activists will come together to discuss the future of personal data management from three different angles. The first day will examine the value of personal data and what this means in the frame of citizens’ rights and trust. The second day takes a more business oriented view, exploring use cases and discussing the means of value creation with data. In order to make the next step, the third and last day explores the technology and ecosystems by which personal data could be managed.

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European Data Portal - Report on Open Data & Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the increasing adoption of digital tools and technologies by any organisation to fundamentally enhance both its internal and external processes and functions.

It consists of three key areas every organisation needs to focus on:

> Customer experience;

> Operational process; and

> Business model.

Open Data and Digital Transformation, more than 600 use cases from the private sector were gathered, from all over the world.


Why is it important for companies to digitally transform their business?

Research has shown that companies that have both a digital capability and digital leadership are 26% more profitable than their competitors. Multiple examples exist of the use of Open Data to transform business.

A French example is Infoterra that uses satellite images to monitor growing crops allowing the production of digital maps that serve as a pattern for the appropriate fertilizer rate to be applied as required to a section of a field.

Open Data types of re-users

Open Data types of re-users:

> Aggregator: Organisations that collect and aggregate Open Data and other proprietary data.

> Developer: Organisation that design, build and sell web, tablet or smart phone based apps.

> Enricher: Larger organisation that use Open Data to enhance their existing products and services.

> Enabler: Organisations that facilitate the supply or use of Open Data

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Air France-KLM will accelerate their release of Open Data via API

The Franco-Dutch airline holding company Air France-KLM announced to accelerate their release of Open Data by providing more information via API. Through this channel, the company will share real time data on subjects such as the flight status, taxes and routes. The company wants to attract the attention of developers for the creation of new and innovative applications. By giving developers the freedom to create what they want, the company aims to stimulate competition among them to develop the most customer oriented application around their data.

Sharing Data and getting in touch with developers is part of the company’s Strategic Plan. For example, by organising hackathons or by enhancing the data already published. With these events and offering their data through API, the airline wants to leverage the value of their rich and broad data. This initiative is a good example of how private parties are also seeking to reap all the benefits of their data by sharing it with the community.

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