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The Ethics Of Big Data

Every time you click on a website, post on social media, use a mobile app and comment via email or to call centers, your data is collected for future use. This has many consumers concerned, not just about targeted marketing but about what can be inferred about them every time they “like” or post something on FB or Twitter.


European Parliament votes to end roaming charges, expand consumer rights and make it easier to create better telecoms.

Today the European Parliament voted to end roaming charges by Christmas 2015, as part of a wider vote in support the Commission’s proposed regulation for a “Connected Continent” (telecoms single market).

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes said:

"This vote is the EU delivering for citizens. This is what the EU is all about – getting rid of barriers to make life easier and less expensive.”


New EU data protection rules must “safeguard privacy” and research

As the European parliament prepares to adopt its plenary position on the proposed new EU data protection regulation, the debate around privacy, health data and medical research has intensified.


Event 16 April 2014: "The proposed EU Regulation on Personal Data and Online Services: An opportunity not to be lost"

In light of Microsoft sponsorship of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the European Union and under its auspices, Microsoft Hellas is organizing the specific event that will concern the new proposed regulatory framework about personal data protection. The event will take place in Athens Greece on April 16, 2014



New Report: User Engagement Strategies for Open Data

This report describes 5 case studies from 3 continents that demonstrate promising strategies for engaging end-user with open data products such as mobile or desktop apps.