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Big Data Fans: Don't Boil The Ocean

Been reading up on big data? Maybe wondering if it's time to jump on the ol' Hadoop bandwagon, hire a data scientist or two, start stockpiling petabytes of information, and then... Then... what?

If you're building a big-data platform, but aren't sure why, you're asking for trouble. So says Joel Young, chief technical officer of Digi International, a provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless sensors and cloud solutions for a variety of enterprises in energy, medical, transportation, and other industries.


Job hunting is a matter of Big Data, not how you perform at an interview

Firms crunching numbers and algorithms offer a hi-tech route to employees who will fit in – and not quit.

How do we end up in the jobs we end up in? And why did we miss those opportunities we had set our hearts on? If most of us look back, the reality is likely to be as fraught with chance as any other aspect of our biography. Our working lives are essentially fictive constructs, born out of the fantasy and chemistry of CV and interview, the lucky break or wrong call, the age-old laws of square pegs and round holes, or, just occasionally, of "perfect fit".


5 Big Data Use Cases To Watch

Here's how companies are turning big data into decision-making power on customers, security, and more.

We hear a lot about big data's ability to deliver usable insights -- but what does this mean exactly?

It's often unclear how enterprises are using big-data technologies beyond proof-of-concept projects. Some of this might be a byproduct of corporate secrecy. Many big-data pioneers don't want to reveal how they're implementing Hadoop and related technologies for fear that doing so might eliminate a competitive advantage.


The web holds the key to engaging the public in policy debates

'Think tanks' are a noisy irrelevance, while a signal opportunity to use the internet to engage people of all ages in the democratic process remains largely unexploited.

Suddenly think tanks and think tankers are everywhere. Sometimes it seems that every news item is driven by some new revelation from Tankland. This is not a coincidence.


Making responsive research matter: global innovation, local priorities

Webinar recording of presentation by Sujatha Raman from the University of Nottingham on what it means to be responsive, how this applies to responsiveness in research practice, and the implications for public dialogue.