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Recruitment begins for teams to connect policy makers to the front line

Senior Whitehall policy makers are being recruited to participate in a unique programme bringing together civil servants and frontline delivery organizations

Connecting Policy with Practice, a joint project between the Institute for Government and the Big Lottery Fund aimed at providing insights into better policy making, is now entering its second year.

A new group of 30 people from the central Civil Service and voluntary delivery organisations will focus on two ‘disconnects’ between policy and practice, previously identified in a report summarising findings from the programme’s first year.

The first focuses on a whole person approach to dealing with difficult issues such as drug and alcohol addiction. Our research found that solutions tend to work best when help is delivered through a collaborative approach across different agencies. Too often policy operates in silos.

Secondly, the group will investigate further how gaps between policy and practice could be addressed by designing services with inputs from the individuals intended to benefit from them.

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