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The Paris Conference, Open Data and Open Gov

A powerful wave of innovation is sweeping across modern democracies, at the crossroads of many profound and lasting shifts stemming from the massive diffusion of access to Internet which now empowers billions of citizens worldwide to engage, to learn and to connect.


These emerging aspirations and social trends of our global age call for new modes of citizenship in this rising new order: open government, extensive public consultations, collaborative and collective action.


This wave of innovation bears many names and takes many shapes, from open data and open government to open society and participative democracy. It opens up a full spectrum of potential futures for governments worldwide.


France is committed to transparency and open data: we paved the way for a more collaborative approach to sharing government data, pushed for last year’s update to the Public Sector Information EU Directive and strongly supported the G8 Open Data Charter. A mature and constantly improving democracy, France has again passed new measures to foster public transparency and dialogue between government and its constituents just recently.


The Paris Conference on Open Data and Open Government on Thursday, April 24th and Friday, April 25th will be a prime occasion to take stock of these evolutions in France and throughout the world, with some of the key actors of this global movement.


Visit the Conference webpage for more information.