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ITProPortal - The rise of Open Data and why it’s important

Civil benefits from Open Data

Clearly, there is high potential for economic growth in Europe, but what are the benefits for individual European citizens?

First is the use of the products and services developed by both the public and private sector, such as newly developed mobile applications. These all aim to make our lives a little easier and by using these applications we could have access to real-time information to minimise travel time, for example. They offer better access to information about our neighbourhood, schools, crime rates, utilities, work, and we also have increased transparency in prices and overall government spending.

Making data available on national and European portals makes this data accessible by electronic means. People no longer need to contact administrations one by one – sometimes in written form – to obtain information. Beyond freedom of information, Open Data opens avenues for innovation and increases citizen participation. For example, the portal provides information about governmental spending and election results. This type of data improves transparency. Citizens are able to keep track of the decisions made within Parliament which is not only important to be informed, but provides an opportunity to participate in policy making and civil society in general as well.

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