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European Data Portal - Creating Value through Open Data

Creating Value through Open Data

Study on the Impact of Re-use of Public Data Resources by European Data Portal

Governments have a large number of basic data which can be of economic and social value to society as a whole.

Along those lines, more and more European countries are developing policies to release this data as Open (Government) Data.

Open Data refers to information that can be freely used, modified, and shared by anyone for any purpose. It must be available under an open licence and provided in a convenient and modifiable form that is machine readable.

Within the European Union, key framework conditions for successful Open Data policy making have been set up.

In doing so, the European Commission aimed at creating a “data value chain friendly” policy environment. 

The objective is to put in place the “systemic” prerequisites for effective use and re-use of data through legal and soft law measures.

You can read full report by clicking here.