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Joinup: Bulgaria to start eGovernment Agency

The parliament of Bulgaria on Thursday has approved government plans for a new eGovernment agency. The resource centre is to help the country’s public administrations develop, build and implement eGovernment services.

The plans make the agency responsible for implementing the state policies for:

  • eGovernment;
  • eCertification services;
  • eIdentification;
  • network and information security; and
  • spatial information;

The centre is also to provide guidance on these and related topics to the government, and help set the priorities, and coordinate and monitor developments. The eGovernment agency will also coordinatre with the European Union and other Member States.

The plans for the eGovernment agency were submitted to the parliament in November. The bill amends the country’s 2007 eGovernment Act in order to create the new agency.

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