New project deliverables available online!

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New public deliverables have been uploaded on our Reports section covering the 2nd year of the project.

Below you can see these deliverables listed:

- D2.2 Tracking technologies and social attitudes (Update)
- D6.1 Decision Support Framework for Policy Formulation
- D2.4 Initial evaluation and report of updated requirements
- D3.3 Second Functional Requirements Description
- D4.2.1 Initial Investigation into Tools & Techniques for Semantic Linking & Consolidation of Heterogeneous Open Data
- D5.2 Models and Tools to Analyse and Predict Discussion Dynamics and Sentiment towards Policy
- D5.3 Tools for evidence extraction from open data sources
- D6.2 Policy Modelling and Simulation Tool
- D6.3 Common Policy Appraisal Format
- D8.6 Report on Dissemination activities

Check them out and learn more about the project's developments!