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The Guardian: "We are making the wrong energy choices for future generations"

Our children’s children will not thank us for investing so heavily in technologies like nuclear at the expense of safer, low-carbon options.
Which energy technologies will future generations thank us for?

Once hyped as providing electricity that would be too cheap to meter, the next, increasingly troubled nuclear power installation proposed for Britain, Hinkley Point C, stands at more than £24bn to be the most expensive building on Earth. Given the current economic climate with its emphasis on austerity, and the range of other energy options on offer, why is the government so keen to give the nuclear industry a second life?

The then energy secretary, Ed Davey, speaking in late 2013 when the government agreed the deal with French energy company, EDF, said that investing in new nuclear capacity was needed because without it, “we’re going to see the lights going out.”

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